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Beyond Hatred | SPAGHETTI WESTERN | Wild West | Free Movie on YouTube | Western Movies

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Beyond Hatred - A family of pioneers is almost completely destroyed by Indians in search of revenge: Little George was left fainted on the ground, and his small sister adopted by the Indian chief. Fate will bring them together again.

Beyond Hatred (1972)
Director: Alessandro Santini
Writer: Bruno Vani
Stars: Stefania Nelli, Jeff Cameron, George Cavendish
Genres: Western
Country: Italy
Language: English
Release Date: 19 March 1972 (Italy)
Also Known As: Au-delà de la haine

A frontier family is celebrating the return of a gift-bearing father when the Indians attack, killing everyone but the young daughter they carry off as a captive.

Flash forward several years, and hostilities between the whites and the Indians are still raging, with members of the Arikara tribe determined to go on the warpath to make the whites pay for a recent massacre.

Kite (Jeff Cameron) will have the privilege of leading the Arikara warriors into battle, though his pretty lover Loana (Stefania Nelli) has premonitions that all might not end well.

Nevertheless, Kite and his men ambush a cavalry caravan, making off with a large supply of guns and two captive troopers, one of whom is badly wounded.

Loana sneaks into the teepee where the prisoners are being held one night, intent on killing that captive. Until she notices the necklace around his neck. It’s identical to one she’s worn most of her life.

Then the memories of that long-ago attack on the frontier family come flooding back. She was the young girl captured; the wounded soldier is the brother she presumed was dead.

Meanwhile, spurred into action by the attack on the caravan, Col. Manson vows to annihilate the Indians and bring peace to the frontier once and for all. Written by Mark Franklin on

"Mostly spaghetti western often was underpinned for bizarre characters and far-fetched story, this minor movie starts in these old concepts, a massive blowouts in opening is quite contrived, exposing a decoy at first sight, soon the movie became a slow paced action, interesting that the mains characters weren't a white men usually, overral the plot is focused in the brave young Indian warrior Running Deer (Jeff Cameron), the plot starts with a settler's family who were killed by a Indian raid, just survives a boy and the girl was kidnapped by the natives and raised by Black Cloud the Chief, later already a girl Loana (Stefania Nelli) was promised to marry with Running Deer, meanwhile the tensions grows up between the Calvary and the Indians stuck in a small reservation, actually the Loana's brother serves the US's Army, after a battle against the Indians he was catch and stays a little while recovering at Indians's tribe, Loana finds in his neck the same collar that she had, then he realizes that man possibly is your brother, seems simple and usual, but has some qualities, the final is plenty acceptable, actually an anti-war movie, not so bad as described by the above reviewer!!!" Written by elo-equipamentos on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Al di là dell'odio
France: Au-delà de la haine
USA: Beyond the Frontiers of Hate
World-wide (English title) (video title): Beyond Hatred


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