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What A Way To Go 1964 Full Movie

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20th Century Fox
Release Date : May 14, 1964
Running Time : 111 minutes
Director : J. Lee Thompson
Cast : Shirley MacLaine, Dick Van Dyke, Dean Martin, Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum, Gene Kelly, Robert Cummings, Reginald Gardiner, Margaret Dumont, Fifi D'Orsay, Lou Nova, Burt Mustin, Tom Conway, Teri Garr

Louisa May Foster ( MacLaine ) is sent to a psychiatrist ( Cummings ) by the IRS when she tries to give them a check for $ 200 million. At the doctor's office she recounts her "bad luck" as a wife, going through four husbands, he thinks it a joke as it is April 1st. Louisa recounts how her mother ( Dumont ) wishes for her to marry Leonard Crawley ( Martin ) playboy son of the local department store owner. Louisa marries Edgar Hopper ( Van Dyke ) lazy owner of a hardware store, Hopper becomes obsessed with getting even with Crawley and works himself to death, leaving Louisa rich, then marries Larry Flint ( Newman ) an American artist in Paris, then Rod Anderson Jr. ( Mitchum ) then Pinky Benson ( Kelly ). Each leaving her successively more wealthy, when all she wants is happiness. The doctor proposes to Louisa but ends up settling for the janitor, a broke Leonard Crawley! Amazingly funny comedy full of great dialogue and scenes that will split your sides. A rare star-studded comic gem!!

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