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Slavery Is Due Process

By Rex A Frederickson

One of the problems as you begin to get older is that you begin thinking. You begin to compare things as they were and how they are today and begin wondering, if when you were younger, that it was possible that you were not thinking at all. As I began writing this all these wonderful ideas began to push forward in my mind and got all mixed together as they tried to fight for a place in the text before me. This did the most unthinkable thing, it got me to think once again as how things have changed.


The mainstream media has harped on how today it is so much more dangerous now that people can communicate all over the world on the internet, and how this must be controlled, monitored, regulated in the interest of “Public Safety.”  Didn’t this already happen, over 80 years ago? (There a panic when the first “Alexander Graham. Bell” phone, began to connect first the towns then counties and eventually the entire world.)

The way things changed then is, if Bobby the average 12-year-old went into town, and had broken a window in the old widows house while playing ball, it may weeks before he would have to worry about getting his punishment he no doubt he deserved. It was only after his father had went to town for his supplies to hear of his terrible crime. In a vary short few years something new had happened. If Bobby got in trouble at school, suddenly Bobby could not even have the walk home before the news got there.

Things have changed indeed.

This no doubt has contributed to school children taking the long way home from school and even running away for a short time, to let things cool down depending on the trouble they had gotten into. More to the point, the “perception” of the trouble they had gotten into.

Being able to communicate in real time changed the world forever. The ability to deceive people dropped dramatically and the police could be called at a moments notice. This of course had a positive effect for the honest people and things could be resolved vary quickly indeed.

Soon after the wireless was invented and so on, and on.

So what is “new” about the internet? We have had fax’s for much longer then people believe. To fax a photo of a wanted criminal was being done as early as the 1930s! So photo sharing has been around for a long time. As far as video is concerned the use of super 8 film made making home movies a regular everyday (or vacation) event. Of course sharing these thing to a mass of people was expensive so was not vary common.

With the internet, text, audio, and video can be shared in real time. So what is the problem here. Would this not make the world safer? Those who would wrong others simply don’t have a chance to get away with it anymore. So why would countries like China wish to restrict the internet? Or Iran? Or the United States?

More to the point, why are police employees crying that they are now being recorded doing all sorts of things they are not suppose to be doing? They are getting in trouble for things they feel their authority should allow them to do so. More people are sharing these things and making it known that they are overstepping their authority and breaking the laws we have long taken for granted.

The list of videos showing police outright breaking the laws and brutalizing the public has been growing for the last five years! YouTube has become overrun by videos showing downright abuses by the police. States such as Illinois have tried in vain to control corruption. Not by pursuing the offending police officers in court or discipline them, but rather by making it illegal to film the police while they continue to break the law.

What is the purpose to restrict the communication of the public if not to hide the illegal activities of the government? They have now given the police free range without constraint to violate any and all laws that are designed to protect the public. Meanwhile they have multiplied the laws in the name of public safety to allow even more infractions by government officials. Hiding the corruption rather then prosecuting those who break the laws.

This is coming to a “STOP.” People are now taken the offensive against corruption even as those in charge are still trying to hide it rather then to take action. The government of the people had been broken prior to the internet and YouTube, but now by exposing the actions and talking to each other nationwide. Those who have been breaking the laws are beginning to be brought to justice one by one.

Groups such as “COPBLOCK”, “HONER YOUR OATH”, “PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME”, “OATHKEEPERS”, “PEACFUL STREETS”, and many others have sprung up in response to the officials that would punish those for freedom of speech, that spread the word. Only to allow corruption to flourish.

Much of the problem has came from continued perception that the police are doing their jobs and no wrongs can be done. Much of that is true. The police are going to briefings that tell them of threats such as “illegal immigration” and do their jobs as best they can. But afterwords they are given drug sniffing dogs and instructions by their boss to perform illegal searches only to increase the infractions upon peoples rights.

See the video Police Specific Questions to ASK they dont want you to know as a good example of those who stand up for their rights. The police know they are breaking the law at checkpoints and just ignore any objections – they just keep repeating an unlawful order over and over again till it is vary apparent that unlawful orders will not be followed or tolerated.

A good example of this is the border patrols that has been out of control for a long time. From the US government gun running to the drug cartels in Mexico, to checkpoints set up inside of our borders with so called constitution free zones. There is no such thing! The constitution is valid on all US soil. Even overseas. Just ask an 18 year old service member that can drink in town but not on the base. The base is subject to US laws and he must be over the age of 21 to drink in the enlisted club, they are on American soil by treaty.

The government officials believe just by putting writing on paper and secretly passing it through hidden votes they can do most anything that comes to mind, knowing that it will take four years or more for the bogus legislation to be overturned.


It has gotten so bad that any day I expect a person accused of murder to claim no crime was committed because all he had done was to cease “upper mental functions” and all the bacteria and germs and functions and all those wonderful life forms were otherwise just fine. There is no law against that, so he had not committed murder. So he is found not guilty!

This is what the government has done by calling your legal inherent rights by a different name., forcing yet another Supreme Court decision on what the legal definition of that name is. Changing words does not in reality changing anything. “A rose by any other name is but a rose.” So how can you tell when this has happened?

By this simple exercise: Define a terrorist

“A person or group of people, that what take your liberty or infringe upon your rights, using fear, intimidation or force.”

Now point to the terrorists!

It has been an uphill battle to correct those out of control within our government. But the government, while being slow to respond has now begun to take steps to correct the oversight. The FBI has begun to round up pockets of corruption and is sending a strong message to those who are breaking the public trust, that these things, regardless of the “implied immunity” of the office they may hold, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ANY LONGER!!!

See the FBI taking action in these videos:

The police are even becoming intolerant of infractions by other officers and are taking actions to stop those who break the law while wearing a badge. See: Police Officer Stops Police Brutality, FBI Informants running Amok?

Police are getting the message that to “uphold your rights” is their jobs. See:  Very Surprising Reaction From Cop After Refusing Checkpoint Stop

By exposing the truth and keeping an eye on our government, we can, and will, stop the trend of corruption by those breaking the public trust, or placing unlawful ordinances in our books. We have effectively brought this to the public attention, and the FBI has responded with ever increasing investigation into corruption by government officials ensuring the preservation of the constitution.

The US government has become a threat to public safety by overstepping the constraints the constitution clearly sets. When the lawlessness of those who are in charge of upholding the laws, armed with the best our military has developed for the battlefield, is aimed at the general public. It is clear what the threat to the public safety is. Only a continued effort will ensure that even those placed at the “very highest offices” that are corrupt in our government will be brought to justice.

NICKNYNY 2 years ago
This was an eye opener! Please keep the truth coming as we all need it now more then ever! Nick, Disclosure Network New York
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